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BizReport : May 11, 2011 Archive

May 11, 2011 Archive

Mobile Marketing | May 11, 2011

Jumptap: People spending more time browsing than with apps

Wondering how consumers are engaging with the mobile web? Turns out they are engaging much the same as they are in the more traditional online world - by browsing. According to a new report from Jumptap apps aren't the engagement factor that many may believe, and instead are using browser windows to find information while mobile. >>

Social Marketing | May 11, 2011

Affluent social media users loyal, not seeking discounts

Wealthy social media users aren't following brands to get discounts and coupons. A new survey from The Affluence Collaborative found those who pull in serious salaries follow a brand on social media because they like it. >>

Advertising | May 11, 2011

Brainshark releases QR code tool

As the craze around coupons continues to grow, some brands are looking into the effectiveness of QR codes. Although QR codes can contain a deal or coupon, many actually include product information; this type of added value is interesting to brands who want more function in their product tools. A new release from Brainshark makes it simple to create QR codes which can then be deployed with a simple embed instruction. >>

Social Marketing | May 11, 2011

Report: Businesses need discipline in social space

Consumers are rapidly adopting social networks, increasing their use of socnets and businesses aren't far behind. But, for businesses, the maturation factor is hitting some growing pains. Many in the business realm aren't certain how to best interact on a social level and that is leading them to drop their social campaigns. >>

Social Marketing | May 11, 2011

Brand advocates motivated by altruism

Social networking company BzzAgent has just released a study on the actions, motivations and influence of brand advocates that shows they not only enjoy what they do but want as many people as possible to hear their message. >>

Internet | May 11, 2011

Half of Internet users in India only access web via mobile

For many people around the globe mobile Internet is the only access method. This group is referred to as Mobile Only Internet Users, or MOIUs and India has emerged as having the second-largest base of these users in the world after South Africa. >>