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BizReport : Advertising archives : April 19, 2011

Report: Russian consumers not so clickey

Click through rates have seen steady declines over the years, prompting advertisers and brands to come up with new ways to engage online consumers through display ads. Relevant and contextual advertisers has seemed to work, at least on most consumers, but a new report indicates that one region isn't increasing their click-ability: Russia.

by Kristina Knight

comScore recently released their "Natural Born Clickers in Russia - Understanding How Display Advertising Works" study, which shows only about 10% of Russia's online population actually click on display ads. Moreover, those who are clicking aren't representative of the majority of the Russian online population. Here is the breakdown:

• 10% of Russian consumers click display ads
• 2% are 'Heavy Clickers'
• 3% are 'Moderate Clickers'
• 90% are 'Non-Clickers

This means many advertising messages are completely missing the consumer. Or are they?

Actually, no. We in the US have known for some time that physically clicking as online ad doesn't determine interest or engagement. Search queries after seeing a display ad is a better metric, as are many others. But Russian brands and advertisers continue to depend on the click as the metric of choice.

"Evaluating campaign effectiveness using CTRs is at best short-sighted and, more likely, significantly under-values the ability of the online channel to build brands," said Mike Shaw, comScore director of marketing solutions. "If the digital media industry in Russia is to receive its fair share of branding advertising spend, the focus must shift away from the click as the primary metric for evaluating campaigns to a more holistic view that better reflects both the quality of the creative as well as the multiple ways in which online display ads can build brands."

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