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BizReport : Advertising archives : April 27, 2011

3 questions with AdBrite's Iggy Fanlo

With online ad revenues expected to increase by at least 10% in 2011, more businesses are entering the online ad space. Advertising Network? Exchange? Not sure which is the right fit for your business? You aren't alone, and the waters become more muddy each day.

by Kristina Knight

adbrite.gifWhat is driving online ad growth? The economy to start, but one expert says it is more than an improving economy.

"There is also a long term shift from offline media to online media," said Iggy Fanlo, AdBrite CEO. "What we're seeing is people are finding their customers are online and following them into the space."

I recently had the chance to chat with Fanlo about how ad exchanges are beginning to appeal to more advertisers and how that is changing the ad space.

"Typically what happens is that advertisers work with advertising networks as a convenient solution," said Fanlo. "It's less technology and more hand-holding, but they are paying a premium price for that. So when advertisers go to exchanges they are able to purchase at a more 'wholesale' price - so there is better cost efficiency."

What are brands doing that is cutting out the networks? Primarily going it alone.

"The consideration of exchanges is increasing almost daily as advertisers see the ability to purchase large scale, with more audience targeting and at wholesale prices," said Fanlo. "The advertisers do need to be more technically savvy to buy from an exchange, but they can either develop that capability in-house or they can work with DSPs to learn."

Transparency is also improving, although there is still work to be done there. According to Fanlo all advertisers need to do more to increase online transparency.

"Advertisers haven't really put their money where their mouth is in this one," said Fanlo. "They talk about wanting transparency, but they don't penalize [ad networks, exchanges or DSPs] who don't provide transparency; they aren't taking the steps to ensure they have transparent buys. Advertisers have the dollars, if you will, and they could boycott those platforms that don't offer transparent buying offerings. It's a bold step, but that is what will drive more transparent transactions."

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  • O.k. so Adwords and adCenter are becoming unworkable as they regularly ban advertisers with no warning and for life. No one can build a stable business using a service like that.
    One comment out of three here also sites AdBrite doing the same. If that is true then they too will see revenues drop.
    This is the internet. People will find out about poor service and they will go elsewhere.

  • Well, i am here to say that adbrite isn't a good site where you can make some money online for the publisher, she have banned my account for no reason and i have been contact them and send an email to their support and open a ticket too, but still get no response from them i was making per month around $2000 and plus from their ads on one site that i have and now she have ban me and steal my own right for about $6000 i suggest for any publisher that he want to put their ads to thinks twice because is not like she look

  • daniel guevin

    I think the market hascrashed.I can never reach anyoneby phone and most advertizers dont have a number listed.If i ran a cmpany there would alwaysbe coaching and mentoring for my customers.i am hookedup with click bank but getting the products to my domain are impossible.I basically paid adbrite for a wortless website that recieves no visitors and if it did i dont have any products on the sight duet no communications from any of the companys i am paying to promote with.

  • steve


    Can you PLEASE fix the contacts forms on adbrite and backlabel! I cannot submit an enquiry, as it is not displaying any captcha, yet wont let you submit a message. It is really frustrating, I am a publisher and advertiser and this is bad as I cannot contact you in any way.

    Please email meback, as your contact facilities are very poor for an online company.

    Thank you




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