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BizReport : April 21, 2011 Archive

April 21, 2011 Archive

Email Marketing | April 21, 2011

11% of employees admit to flirting via work email

Do you know what your staff use email for at work? A new survey reveals that many employees are using work email in an inappropriate manner, highlighting the need for companies to implement policies to regulate and monitor email use at work. >>

Internet | April 21, 2011

Internet radio's 'Super Demographic' exposed

More and more connected consumers are surfing the airwaves online. TargetSpot has identified a 'Super Demographic' of Internet radio-listening folk who, their research shows, are tuned-in, highly engaged and influencers. >>

Social Marketing | April 21, 2011

How social intelligence can help your brand

Have you created a social campaign but can't see how the campaign is increasing interest in your brand? You aren't as alone as you might think. Although social is quite popular with advertisers, most don't understand how to measure the effectiveness of social. Enter Visible Technologies Social Intelligence solution, which helps brands understand the social space. >>

Research | April 21, 2011

Reports: Apple top mobile brand

Mobile headlines in 2011 have been about Android usurping Apple's hold on the mobile consumer base. Two new reports indicate that, strong push or not, Android is still far behind Apple in terms of market reach or consumer sentiment. >>

Blogs & Content | April 21, 2011

Platform pushes social networks into business intelligence

In just a few weeks Panorama Software will release a new product into the online space. Called Panorama Necto, the platform will help brands turn social network information into business intelligence. >>