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BizReport : April 19, 2011 Archive

April 19, 2011 Archive

Advertising | April 19, 2011

LocalResponse marries local and social in one place

Although local marketing can be social and social marketing can be local, a new hub from Buzzd truly marries both local and social for the first time. Called LocalResponse, the new hub gives businesses the ability to talk one to one with interested consumers in real time. >>

Ecommerce | April 19, 2011

Do rising gas prices drive consumers online?

Many believe that higher gas prices will drive consumers online and push up online sales. But comScore warns that this isn't always the case and the price at the pump could actually curb online shopping. >>

Trends & Ideas | April 19, 2011

Tablet not substitute PC for prospective buyers in UK

Tablet ownership in the UK is set to rise according to figures just released by YouGov, but the majority don't intend for them to be a substitute for their PCs. >>

Ecommerce | April 19, 2011

High street stores will evolve into showrooms

A recent report from Verdict Research suggests retailers that remain trading on the high street will need to offer a very different shopping experience to future shoppers as mobile and Internet spending rises. >>

Blogs & Content | April 19, 2011

Is online video saving grace of sports?

On any given Sunday in the US you'll likely find men and women watching baseball, basketball or football, rooting on favorite teams and yelling at hated opponents. While most of these are watching on television, a growing number are watching from mobile devices, online connections or are tuning in to see only highlights after the game is over. >>

Advertising | April 19, 2011

Report: Russian consumers not so clickey

Click through rates have seen steady declines over the years, prompting advertisers and brands to come up with new ways to engage online consumers through display ads. Relevant and contextual advertisers has seemed to work, at least on most consumers, but a new report indicates that one region isn't increasing their click-ability: Russia. >>