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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : March 25, 2011

Watermarking tool may help protect content

Two new features from Critical Media may help content owners and publishers retain control over their content. The Newspaper Association of America (NAA) has signed on to leverage the Syndicaster tools for voice-to-text and content watermarking. The platform already allows content owerns to live stream, edit, publish and syndicate clips.

by Kristina Knight

The NAA is set to use the Syndicaster tools during the upcoming mediaXchange Converence in Dallas, Texas, March 25-28.

First, the voice-to-text. This tool will allow content owners to create text transcripts in near real-time. From long-form audio or video interviews to shorter clips, having a text transcript makes it simpler for the content to be found through search metadata.

"We're excited to put the newest features of the Syndicaster platform to use by working with the NAA as a mediaXchange sponsor; delivering live transcripts, keyword search, streaming and instant short form video clip creation allows conferences to extend their brands and create a new category of actionable video news," said Sean Morgan, Critical Media CEO. "More generally, Syndicaster's new voice-to-text and branding features will continue to help grow newspapers and other media companies into successful, recognized 24/7 local TV news channels."

Perhaps of even more interest to content owners, is the watermarking aspect of the platform. Watermarking or branding video content should help brands retain control of that content throughout the lifecycle of a news clip. By placing a brand symbol on the content itself, even syndicated video will refer viewers back to the brand creating or syndicating the content. Brand or company logos can be used to watermark content in the lower right corner before the video is released.

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