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BizReport : Advertising : March 18, 2011

New release ensures user experience across platforms

In the world of ecommerce, customer experience is the key. Many brands have found that it is hard to ensure the same user experience, however, across platforms like mobile and social. A new release from ePrize gives brands a better handle on customer experience.

by Kristina Knight

The ePrize platform helps brands stay connected to consumers throughout the purchasing cycle. For example, if a loyal Coca-Cola consumer has purchased a case of soda, the brand can keep that consumer engaged through the use of Coke Lid numbers until their next purchase. Those lid numbers offer prizes and virtual goods when consumers enter them online.

"So, a consumer buys a product once every six months. After a purchase, a brand can use ePrize to entertain the consumers - gaming, through apps or microsites," said Matt Wise, ePrize CEO. "That keeps the brand top-of-mind so they thing about where to buy the product again. It can work [in most categories] because it keeps the brand message with the consumer and entertains the consumer at the same time."

One problem with this type of engagement has been that the user experience can be different from online to mobile to social. ePrize's new release ensures that the experience is the same no matter what platform consumers use to engage.

"Each area optimizes for the engagement tool - social or mobile or online - so the look may be slightly different but the engagement is the same. It's an apples to apples consideration," said Wise. "Most campaigns can be launched in a matter of days, but the cycle for a large scale promotion may take longer."

How important is this continued engagement? After all, if a consumer has made a purchase they will come back, so it should be enough to be in one online location, right? Wrong, according to many experts.

"If your promotion only exists is Facebook, all that time that consumer isn't on Facebook is time that is wasted from the brand perspective," said Wise. "But, if [consumers] have multiple touchpoints, they can engage throughout their day."

The online, mobile and social spaces are very competitive and consumers aren't only looking for a product, they are looking for a deal on a product. One thing that trumps deal may be engagement and loyalty, so being in the same online spaces where your consumers congregate is highly important.

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