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BizReport : Email Marketing : March 18, 2011

3 questions with Neil Rosen of eWayDirect

2011 is being called the Year of Mobile, but simple email is still one of the top performers for online brands. How has email held up over time? And what is new in email that keeps marketers coming back? The key is that email isn't the same in 2011 that it was in 2009 or even 2005 - email is always changing. Here is how you can better connect.

by Kristina Knight

"The email marketing of five years ago is dead, and the email marketing of today is dying and will be dead in another five years or less," said Neil Rosen, eWayDirect CEO. "The technology of email, on the other hand, will continue to evolve and marketers will find powerful ways to install email as an important part of their overall marketing strategies."

One thing that will change, according to Rosen, is that email will become more of a partnership between brands and consumers with each side having some control over the message. The other thing going for email? The relationship between opt-in consumers and their favorite brands. While many people logon to search engines or social networks to ask questions about products, some of the best information available is from the brand - and consumers know it.

"Outstanding customer service has always been and continues to be the most powerful way to build trust and earn trust. If a company is unable to deliver an outstanding customer experience, selling its products and services through hot technologies might be its best answer; but for companies seeking a truly long-term solution, customer service will continue to build the trust that will have consumers coming back for the information and advice they want and need."

Although many emailers are integrating social tools, it is unclear how engaging these tools can be. Yes, including a social sharing tool may lead more consumers to share the information. Instead, brands need to focus on creating an engaging message that is true to the overall brand message.

"For any of this to be effective, the campaign comes first, needing to make sense both in the marketer's overall campaign strategy and for the medium being used. Create an email designed to get recipients excited about posting it in social communities and there can be a big win," said Rosen. "Include video in email where it adds value and, again, there can be a big win. When marketers stick to their knitting and execute smart campaigns that blend well with the chosen technologies, the impact improves dramatically through opens and clicks all the way to conversions."

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