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BizReport : March 24, 2011 Archive

March 24, 2011 Archive

Advertising | March 24, 2011

Facebook testing ads triggered by status updates

New ads are being tested on Facebook that are triggered by what users publish in their status reports and wall posts, making the ads as relevant to a user's sentiment and intent as possible. >>

Mobile Marketing | March 24, 2011

More big brands latch on to QR Codes

QR Codes have been causing quite a buzz online in recent weeks as big brands clamor to harness the power of the latest mobile marketing tool. This week, The Home Depot joins the ranks of those using little black and white images to capture the attention of mobile consumers. >>

Advertising | March 24, 2011

TRAFFIQ release offers direction with analytics

Brands who want a bit more information from the analytics side may get just that from a new TRAFFIQ release. Called Data Tree Landscape, the offering gives brand advertisers a kind of guide to determine which data they need and how to apply that data to upcoming campaigns. >>

Blogs & Content | March 24, 2011

Vid-marketers: You need more than YouTube

Video is a hot ticket, but advice from some experts may send video marketers in a different direction. According to experts with Vzaar, just posting video clips and content on hubs such as YouTube is a mistake. Instead, brands need to invest in actual video platforms, which offer more versatility. >>

Blogs & Content | March 24, 2011

HTML5 Mobile Game Developer Fund announced first recipients

You don't have to be a rocket scientist - or a teen/tween - to know that gaming is hot. But as more consumers move into the gaming space, developers and advertisers are looking for more ways to interact and engage. The mobile space is one area they are having success, which led to the release of MocoSpace's $1 Million HTML5 Mobile Game Developer Fund. >>