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BizReport : March 9, 2011 Archive

March 9, 2011 Archive

Mobile Marketing | March 09, 2011

750m people worldwide to use mobile ticketing by 2015

As mobile devices become ever more ingrained in daily life, more and more users will look to purchase tickets via their phones. A new report from Juniper Research forecasts the next two years will see mobile ticketing go mainstream. >>

Email Marketing | March 09, 2011

Is dismissal via email okay? Brit bosses say no.

Earlier this year, in the UK, anger erupted over the dismissal of 38 British soldiers due to Government cutbacks. But the anger wasn't due to the decrease of British military resources; it was centered on the manner in which those soldiers were told of their dismissal - via email. >>

Social Marketing | March 09, 2011

72% of British youth discuss TV shows via mobile while viewing

TV networks and advertisers who have previously struggled to keep the attention of younger viewers may now have an answer to their prayers - Social TV. >>

Blogs & Content | March 09, 2011

Newspaper finds success with keyword optimization

Newspapers should improve on their keyword campaigns and content optimization. That is the takeaway from a recent strategy between Optify and, the online home of the St. Petersburg Times and the Tampa Bay Times. Using Optify's solution the hub saw visitor increases of 33% from their target demographic area and search traffic increases of 22%. >>

Ecommerce | March 09, 2011

Got retail content? You should

One 2011 trend is that retailers are adding more content to their websites. The recent partnership between eBay and Triad Retail Media underscores the importance of content on retail websites. Through the partnership eBay will serve contextual ad unites, create seasonal content centers and interactive branded stores using Triad's platform base. >>

Social Marketing | March 09, 2011

Social Trend: Businesses moving in

According to one new report you can look for more businesses in the social space. Researchers with Gartner forecast that by 2015 at least 40% of 'large enterprises' will be on Facebook. This probably doesn't surprise many of you; but one more facet might: these businesses will use the social network for business as well as pleasure. >>