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BizReport : March 2, 2011 Archive

March 2, 2011 Archive

Ecommerce | March 02, 2011

Travel purchases top of online shopping lists in Asia

Americans book 40% of their travel online. In Europe around 30% do so and in Asia-Pacific 20%, less in some countries in the region. But, according to a new report, that's all about to change as travel tops online shopping lists in countries across Asia-Pacific. >>

Advertising | March 02, 2011

Facebook display ad revenues to surge 80% this year

eMarketer forecasts Facebook will effortlessly overtake Yahoo in display advertising revenue during 2011, despite Yahoo's display ad revenues increasing by double digits. >>

Mobile Marketing | March 02, 2011

Clickatell launches text messaging service for SMBs

Text messaging isn't just for teens, it can also play a vital role keeping businesses in touch with customers, particularly for small businesses. >>

Email Marketing | March 02, 2011

Emailed malware increasing

A few new trends in phishing and malware will likely hurt legitimate email marketers. How? Because some of the new trends are making it difficult for spam filters to detect fraudulent emails; if a consumer clicks on one of these emails, realizes it is fraudulent but got through the filter, chances are they will begin deleting messages which are legitimate. >>

Ecommerce | March 02, 2011

Reports find consumers back in the market

If you're wondering where the shoppers have been these past few weeks, wonder no more. A recent National Retail Federation report finds shoppers are headed back to stores while another report finds that consumers who were unhappy may be won back to an etailer from social media. >>