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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : February 10, 2011

Kampyle: Start conversations to increase conversions

New information from lead generation hub Kampyle indicates that brands may have all the information they need, in hand, to start generating more sales - starting with the information left in customer feedback forms. Those little forms that take up space on your hard drive may be more lucrative than you thought.

by Kristina Knight

kampyle.pngKampyle's research shows an increase in conversion rates of up to 45% by companies to utilize feedback form information to start conversations with their customers. Kampyle's system uses a system of auto-response emails or sales calls to contact customers who have left feedback. Basing a sale call on information left by an interested customer, brands have seen increases in conversions and average sales amounts.

According to the company one business saw their average sale increase by 220%, another client reports an increase in the number of consumers leaving contact information through feedback forms and another client reports that 25% of consumers who leave feedback are now converting to sales. A demo can be seen here.

"Kampyle-captured customer feedback has delivered proven value to every department of the enterprise, and now, we're showing marketing and sales teams how to use this data to end the days of single digit conversions," said Ariel Finkelstein, Kampyle CEO. "Sales teams can deliver impressive results simply by listening, engaging and converting their website visitors. There is no more effective way to generate an active, lucrative sales funnel."

Finkelstein suggests making contact as quickly as possible with clients, which is where the auto-reply emails are a good idea. After a consumer fills out the form, a predefined email is sent with relevant information. Another tip? Don't try a hard sell strategy. Although hard selling does work, when a consumer actually requests information or contact, soft selling has a much better track record.

"When it comes to your customer feedback, using the 'soft sales' approach helps convert them in the end," said Finkelstein. "The psychology of it is human connection. Your user is taking the time to give you feedback on your service and leaves his real contact details - he is waiting to hear back from you."

Instead of hard-selling the consumer, it's is more engaging to contact them, offer a discount or deal. The consumer then feels valued and part of the process and is likely to become a repeat customer.

Tags: advertising, Ariel Finkelstein, customer feedback, Kampyle, lead generation

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