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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : February 08, 2011

Conduit's mobile release offers compatibility

The 'there's an app for that' phrase is quickly changing. Now developers are more concerned with compatibility and how quickly apps can deploy across the mobile space. A new offering from Conduit offers a solution to deployment problems, putting developers in control of where and when apps can release.

by Kristina Knight

This week Conduit's Mobile Platform launched, touting the fact that it gives app developers the ability to launch an apps across all of the major mobile device platform and all major browsers simultaneously.

"The mobile app market has grown at a staggering pace and has created a climate where publishers, brands and developers are under pressure to create apps for many different devices," said Adam Boyden, president, Conduit. "With Conduit Mobile they can create, deploy and manage their apps for all the major smart phone platforms in one location. Not only are content and technology updates simple, but our platform also includes analytics that provide an overview of app performance across the various devices."

Using the platform, developers can create, publish and promote apps as well as manage and analyze how the app is faring in the mobile space. Conduit's network of more than 260,000 members and 230 million end-users publishes content from global brands and independent developers. The new release gives developers the ability to deploy apps to consumers despite differences in devices or areas of the world. In beta, the Conduit Mobile Platform saw app developments from brands such as Big Point Games, MessengerPlus!, the Liverpool Football Club and Football Club Barcelona.

How important are apps to the mobile space? Although several reports show than consumers are likely to buy, download and quickly delete apps, one expert insists that apps are good engagement tools.

"Apps provide a great solution [for deeper engagement]. The apps industry is handicapped by fragmentation around building and maintaining apps," said Alan Webber, Principal Analyst with Altimeter Analysts. "Since this fragmentation is not likely to be solved anytime soon, marketers need to offset this by focusing on those players who have the largest networks of both users and publishers, and are as platform agnostic as possible."

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