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BizReport : Research : February 07, 2011

Brands: How social media might hurt

Brands, does your social strategy include monitoring? No, not monetization - which is important - monitoring. If not, it should, because without a monitor for the good and bad being said, brands cannot maintain control over their image.

by Kristina Knight

When it comes to social media, many brands are jumping in without looking at all the angles. That isn't a good idea, according to a new report from Harris Poll. The poll is a good indicator that brands not only need to be in the social space, but why they need to monitor their social presence as well.

Without monitoring the branded social profiles, for example, brands won't hear what their social consumers are saying - good and bad - about products and services.

According to the poll:

• 65% of US adults are on social networks
• 40% of social consumers have gotten good suggestions from social media
• 40% of social consumers report they've been offended by posts, comments or pictures on socnets
• 78% believe negative experiences can be corrected through privacy settings
• 25% aren't confident in privacy settings

While the majority of social consumers report good experiences, the bad experiences are likely to get more press than the good - just as bad news gets more coverage than good news. For brands this means if the strategy is to be in social media, it has to be a 100% effort. Not only should the brand create a social profile and share information, but they need to monitor what consumers and friends are saying about the brand.

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  • I agree, it is essential that as you establish a social media account, you need to have a point person to handle them regularly. An unattended account will only lead to waste if you don't take care of it.

  • Monitoring your brand on various social media networks is critical to managing your online reputation. Moments after the Groupon commercial aired during yesterday's Super Bowl, Twitter was flooded with negative comments about the company. So what did they do? Quickly responded by pushing their site, where Groupon users can donate to The Tibet Fund (among others). It may not fully appease the Twitter-mobs, but it is an excellent example of real-time reputation management.



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