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BizReport : February 24, 2011 Archive

February 24, 2011 Archive

Ecommerce | February 24, 2011

New QR Code offer makes codes more universal

A new QR Code offering from mobile barcode ad hub JAGTAG should make it simpler for consumers to scan and use the codes. The offering enables mobile consumers to scan the codes to receive content regardless of phone type; even feature phone users should still be able to use the codes. >>

Blogs & Content | February 24, 2011

Rebtel: iPad ahead of Kindle, Android with some demographics

For minorities in the US, the iPad has it. That is the takeaway from a new Rebtel report, which found that about 5 million US immigrants own tablet devices. That is 13% of the immigrant demographic already owning a tablet, interesting since many non-immigrants are lamenting the cost and functionality of tablet devices. >>

Advertising | February 24, 2011

AudienceScience, Tumri to power audience-centric targeting

Everyone is talking about targeting. From retargeted campaigns to behavioral debates and contextually relevant ads, brands have many options for ad targeting. AudienceScience, in collaboration with Tumri, is powering another targeting solution - one that puts the consumer in the center of the ad offering. >>