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BizReport : February 8, 2011 Archive

February 8, 2011 Archive

Social Marketing | February 08, 2011

Youth main drivers of social media use in Arab countries

The number of social media users in the Arab World has soared in recent months, particularly among Facebook and Twitter users, according to the inaugural Arab Social Media Report. >>

Blogs & Content | February 08, 2011

Blog posts wield more influence over time

A study from Stanford University has found that, over time, bloggers wield more influence than mainstream publications in areas such as entertainment and technology. >>

Mobile Marketing | February 08, 2011

Use of smartphones up 60%

Reporting on key mobile phone industry trends, ComScore this week released figures showing smartphone use has grown a whopping 60% in the last year in the U.S., with the current market leader's share of subscribers falling. >>

Social Marketing | February 08, 2011

The social-political connection

Soc-nets may be taking over where telephone calls have traditionally reigned supreme: the political arena. According to a recent Pew Internet report, social networks were used by nearly one-quarter of Americans for politics during the 2010 campaign season. Twitter and Facebook were the biggest networks to be utilized for political statements, but smaller networks such as LinkedIn or even MySpace were found with political statements, too. >>

Ecommerce | February 08, 2011

Is your campaign ready for Valentine's buyers?

Just under a week to go until millions of consumers around the globe declare their love, reignite the flame of romance and give both small and large gifts to their loved ones. Is your campaign set up to capture the interest of Valentine's Day shoppers? New research from the National Retail Federation indicates what many shoppers are looking for this year. >>

Mobile Marketing | February 08, 2011

Conduit's mobile release offers compatibility

The 'there's an app for that' phrase is quickly changing. Now developers are more concerned with compatibility and how quickly apps can deploy across the mobile space. A new offering from Conduit offers a solution to deployment problems, putting developers in control of where and when apps can release. >>