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BizReport : February 3, 2011 Archive

February 3, 2011 Archive

Advertising | February 03, 2011

Augmented reality catching the eye of advertisers

The use of augmented reality by major brands to advertise their products is driving interest in the technology from both developers and consumers, according to a new report from U.K.-based Juniper Research. >>

Advertising | February 03, 2011

Dads feel ignored by advertisers

Advertisers aren't keeping up with the times. Despite playing a larger role in family decision-making over past years, Dads continue to be ignored in favor of the traditional family purse holder, finds new research. >>

Loyalty Marketing | February 03, 2011

Why your loyalty program may be underperforming

Everyone wants a good deal these days, and that has more brands looking into rewards programs. However, the wrong loyalty program could do more harm than good - because what is the point in putting in hours of work for consumers to sign up and then never use the offering? >>

Ecommerce | February 03, 2011

Why ecommerce needs simplicity

Over the past two years brands have seen ecommerce take huge steps forward, and yet there is still room to grow. This leads more etailers into the space and can clog the market. In 2011, one of the biggest challenges for online brands will be the ability to streamline their process to make purchasing simpler across the board - from a e-site into social media and mobile applications. >>

Mobile Marketing | February 03, 2011

Google enables Android developers to further monetize apps

If you're in the business of developing apps for Android you will be delighted with the latest announcement from Google that they will now support in-app purchases. >>

Search Marketing | February 03, 2011

Tynt releases keyword tool

In a year when online content is expected to explode, a new set of tools may help publishers stay on top of things. Called Tynt's Publisher Tools, the suite helps publishers determine the best keywords, gives them social accessibility and gathers information about content engagement. >>