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BizReport : January 25, 2011 Archive

January 25, 2011 Archive

Social Marketing | January 25, 2011

New Facebook units sign of the times?

A new social ad unit from Facebook may be a pre-empter to how advertising will work in the future - by putting the consumer literally front and center. The new ad units take the things a Facebook users 'Like' or businesses/brands they 'check in on' and use those statuses as a kind of ad, viewable by friends within the social network and complete with an image of the user to 'liked' the brand. >>

Mobile Marketing | January 25, 2011

What brands need to know about mobile before jumping in

Just last week comScore issued a report indicating that mobile email seemed to be surpassing web-based email for consumer use. In addition to email, consumers are using mobiles to browse the web, download and use apps, music and games and to text or call friends. One area where mobile use is only now become a trend is the couponing/discounts area. >>

Advertising | January 25, 2011

Flingo taps to monetize video apps

Interenet TV app publisher Flingo has tapped to help monetize video in the space. Through the partnership, video publishers will have access to the for Publishers program, and should help publishers better connect with video-minded consumers through a variety of platforms. >>

Ecommerce | January 25, 2011

Release generates product descriptions for etailers

With the huge numbers that the 2010 holiday season posted for etailers, it is no wonder many are adding products to their store shelves. The problem? For many creating unique content about the products are hard, and without unique content the search engines may not find Your Store in the hundreds of online marketers. Enter a new product, KopiGin. >>