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BizReport : January 21, 2011 Archive

January 21, 2011 Archive

Mobile Marketing | January 21, 2011

Starbucks offers faster fix with mobile payments

Nipping out for a caffeine fix? Leave the wallet at home, because Starbucks now allows its customers to pay with the wave of their mobile device. >>

Social Marketing | January 21, 2011

7 in 10 marketers struggle to understand social media conversation

As marketers clamor to get a foothold in social media environments, many lack direction in what to measure and how, according to new research released this week by Alterian. >>

Research | January 21, 2011

Survey finds American still worried about work

A happy consumer is good for the brand. In university or grad school, most marketers learned a trope similar to that. Since the 2008 recession, brands have been looking desperately for happy consumers, but have had very little luck in finding them. A new survey from NetPop and may indicate why consumers still aren't happy, even when the economy is in rebound. >>

Advertising | January 21, 2011

Brands: What the FTC targeting decision could mean

A recent Gallup poll found that more than two-thirds (67%) of American consumers are uncomfortable with the behavioral targeting options used by brands. That, along with news that the FTC is looking into how ads are targeted and the type of information collected, has many brands wondering what is and isn't okay in the targeting realm. >>

Mobile Marketing | January 21, 2011

Mobile getting more interest

From consumers and brands, what we're hearing lately is mobile, mobile, mobile. Consumers want more mobile devices, they want to shop and they want to buy. Brands just want to find the consumers. Where are they? In the mobile space, some still using feature phones but many with smartphones, tablets or other portable devices. >>