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BizReport : January 17, 2011 Archive

January 17, 2011 Archive

Mobile Marketing | January 17, 2011

Smartphones behind over a third of store walk-outs

In-store customer service that is supported by access to real-time information is more important than ever, finds a Motorola study, thanks to the increasing number of store visitors armed with smartphones. >>

Blogs & Content | January 17, 2011

Red Aril release puts websites in charge of audience data

A new release from Red Aril will place website owners in control of the audience data from their site, which may allay consumers' fears about what is done with data once it is collected. The release can be quickly deployed and automated so that audiences can be segmented quickly. Consumer data and adveristing targeting methods have been front-page news for months now, especially since the FTC announced plans to look into how data is collected, used and distributed. >>

Ecommerce | January 17, 2011

Two-thirds of Brits experienced online shopping problems at Christmas

The big freeze drove many Brits online to purchase Christmas gifts, but many were disappointed when those gifts failed to arrive on time or were not the items they were expecting, found research firm Intersperience. >>

Internet | January 17, 2011

Apple angers publishers with cessation of free iPad access for print subscribers

Apple has told several European publications that they can no longer offer free access to their iPad editions via the App Store, according to recent reports. Why? It's all about the money. >>

Search Marketing | January 17, 2011

Report: Bing bumps up in December

The December numbers are in and it appears that Microsoft's Bing search engine was once again a hit with consumers. While Google remains firmly atop the search engine heap, for the second month, Experian Hitwise is reporting an increase in searches for the Bing engine. Hitwise is also reporting that Bing and Yahoo searches are the most successful for consumers. >>

Mobile Marketing | January 17, 2011

Survey finds top mobile brands aren't what many expect

Mobile consumers are more likely to be young than old, so the biggest mobile brands are probably skewing that way, too, correct? Not really. According to a recent survey from Briabe Media and MocoSpace the biggest brands in mobile are simply mobile brands: mobile carriers, mobile retailers or mobile providers. >>