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BizReport : January 11, 2011 Archive

January 11, 2011 Archive

Search Marketing | January 11, 2011

Americans say no to regulation of search engines

The majority of Americans oppose bringing in Government regulation to prevent search companies from tweaking results to their advantage, according to new findings released by Rasmussen. >>

Social Marketing | January 11, 2011

Brands: This is how to get more involved with social ads

Consumers are in social. Brands have to be in social. These are two sentences going around most advertising agencies, brand offices and small businesses around the world. The problem is that many brands and businesses aren't sure how to make the biggest impact and rather than misstep, they aren't stepping at all. Here are three tips to get a brand into the social space quickly. >>

Ecommerce | January 11, 2011

Tealeaf: Website errors turn 5.3million Brits off online stores

Britain's online population spent more online this festive period than in 2009, according to new stats released by Tealeaf, but some retailers will have missed out on online revenues due to problematic websites, delivery prices and timings. >>

Advertising | January 11, 2011

Marketers: Why you need more than clicks

Moving into 2011 one thing is certain: brands and marketers relying on simple click through ad measurements will likely be unhappy by year's end. Yes, clicks are important, but clicks are no longer enough of a measurement, especially since rich media ads are now leading the advertising charge. >>

Mobile Marketing | January 11, 2011

Mobile is a must for retailers

With the introduction of the Internet retailers continually had to be convinced that if they wanted to survive and thrive in the 21st century they had to be online. But, in order to keep up with technology and consumer behavior, retailers are now being urged to make the move into another space - mobile - and for good reason. >>

Research | January 11, 2011

Is Twitter a time-waste for brands?

With all the talk about the importance of social networks in the New Year, a recent development may put a pall on socializing for brands. What happened? A new book was released, several celebrities tweeted about it to their masses of fans and...only four additional copies of the tome were sold. >>