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BizReport : Research archives : December 28, 2010

What's hot in the youth marketplace

When it comes to younger consumers, the Internet is still the 'in' thing. According to a recent report from Harris Interactive 75% of youths 8-24 years of age are social networking online, with 68% are on socnets at least daily.

by Kristina Knight

When the ages break down into smaller groups, it appears that kids are spending even more time online and on social networks. More than 85% of youths 18-24 are using Facebook, 71% of 13-17 year olds are on the social network and 28% of kids 8-12 are Facebooking.

How much time are younger consumers spending on line? Depending on the age at least one hour (80% of 8-10 year olds) to at least three hours (13-17 year olds) to more than 4 hours (18-24 year olds) spent online each day. What are they doing online?

• Making purchases - from event tickets to video gaming systems
• Social networking
• Checking email
• Watching video clips
• Playing games

What else is hot?

Food, Technology and Shopping. Of the top ten brands, six are food-related (M&Ms, Reese's, Subway, Oreo's, Hershey's, Doritos), three are techie (Google, iPod and Pixar) and one is a store (Target).

"Today's youth are not just tomorrow's consumers; they are already consumers in their own right with their own money to spend. What companies need to remember is that if brand loyalty is built in these early years, that brand loyalty will remain for years to come," said Regina A. Corso, Senior Vice President of Youth and Education Research at Harris Interactive. "At this stage, the brands that resonate the most with youth are mostly ones that involve food - six of the top ten are candy, snacks or restaurants."

But these kids aren't all happy-go-lucky. They have worries, both real and imagined including losing loved ones, not having enough money, their appearance, a parent's job loss or the expense of education.

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