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BizReport : Advertising archives : December 27, 2010

New video unit hyper-targets consumers, messaging

Just in time for the New Year, a new ad unit is being released by AdGenesis. For video, the AdMatch unit hyper-targets ads based on information consumers provide. Ad messages are matched according to information opt-in consumers provide to the service; this gives advertisers additional assurance that ads served are brands or products in which the consumer is actually interested.

by Kristina Knight

adgenesis.png"[Consumers] have asked to be contacted when there are video ads/offers available that match their interests," said Richard Smullen, CEO and Co-Founder of AdGenesis. "Consumers opt-in and provide AdGenesis with information about their interests and near-term buying intentions. Based on this information, brands are matched to consumers who are notified via email or mobile alert of the 'match made' and directed to view the brand's video, receive rewards for proving they watched the content and given offers from the brand with every video."

Another benefit? The ads are performance-based, which means advertisers pay for ads which are proven to have been served from start to finish. Other advertiser payment options are available such as email impression based, mobile notification based or other 'activation' based options. Heading into 2011, which many believe will be a turning point for e- and m-commerce as well as online video and content, these options in advertiser payment and ad targeting will be even more important.

Because of the FTC's recent activity in pushing a 'Do Not Track' policy, these opt-in tactics will be even more crucial for advertisers.

"How publishers and advertisers approach online advertising will be critical to their success. When you have consumers who opt-in and provide details about themselves it gives [advertisers] the opportunity to deliver relevant advertising messages that dovetail with [consumers] interests. Consumers are now in charge and the winners in this space will be those that can get consumers to opt-in, understand who they are and privately use this data to give them what they want when it comes to online advertising," said Smullen.

And don't think engagement is the entire picture when it comes to advertising effectiveness. Smullen warns that engagement, while important, is only part of the advertising picture. Marketers also need to be aware of the relevancy of the ad. Consumers need to be served ads which are relevant to them at that moment.

"In the simplest terms if I have told you [the advertiser] that I am a mother with a newborn and you send me men's cologne ads, I'm driven away," said Smullen. "[Those ads are] not relevant and make no sense for where I am in life. But, if you show me ads about diapers, formula and savings at the grocery store you will likely win me over."

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