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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : December 30, 2010

How mobile will change everything in 2011

In real estate, it has been location, location, location for years. In 2011, Placecast CEO Alistair Goodman predicts mobile will be all about location, location, location - and that may be a very good thing for marketers. Why? Here is Alistair with his predictions for 2011, mobilly speaking.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: "In 2010 a few platforms began offering geo-fenced ads, do you see that trend continuing/expanding for mobile in 2011?"

Alistair Goodman, Placecast CEO: "Yes - 2010 was the year Placecast introduced geo-fence marketing , and we're seeing huge interest from marketers in deploying this type of program, so in turn, many other companies are likely to try and compete. While it's increasingly straightforward to be able to run these programs on smartphones with an app, the real opportunity is at scale - delivering a location-relevant message to 268 million US consumers on any phone across all the major carriers. This is where we are focusing our efforts because brands ultimately want to reach as many consumers as they can."

Kristina: "AT&T 'loses' their iPhone exclusivity in 2011, do you think that will help iPhone? Or does it really matter at this point?"

Alistair: "It definitely helps the iPhone which, despite setting the standard for a new category, is now at risk of becoming eclipsed by Android. Android is nearly even with Apple in terms of handset penetration (24% of smartphones run Android vs. 25% for Apple), and according to IDC, Google is now selling more mobile advertising than Apple. The location-based opportunity is quickly becoming about monetization and localization of offers and content. 2011 should be a really interesting year on this front for both consumers and brands."

Kristina: "Do you see mobile content becoming a viable source of income? Or will content remain computer-based/e-reader-based?"

Alistair: "On mobile, much of the experience will quickly become localized - contacts, calendars, recommendations, searches, social networking, and even content. Mobile is a uniquely personal and intimate device that is with consumers all the time, presenting content creators with a great new way of connecting with their audience, provided they are providing something useful and not intrusive."

Kristina: "What are you most excited about in 2011?"

Alistair: "2011 is going to be the year of location - it will be one of the big themes in business. From Facebook Places to 'Buy Local' movements, localized offers on mobile and geofences popping up everywhere, location is going to be seen as the must-have element of media and marketing plans. And we may even see brands begin bidding on a place as a perishable commodity just like they do with search on the web - imagine that! (Google has - they have a patent on it)."

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