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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : December 31, 2010

How content aggregation can improve your website

In the world of the web, consumers want content. Not just pretty pictures. Not just company bylines, advertising or bland product information. They want content. How are other people using products? What do other consumers find interesting? Fun? Annoying? In 2011, creating and aggregating content is one more way to drive traffic and engage consumers. Here's how.

by Kristina Knight

fornova.pngRecently I had the chance to chat with Amir Freund, CEO of ForNova, a leader in web content aggregation. Here are his tips for utilizing content on your website.

Kristina: "How important is it for businesses to include content on their websites?"

Amir: "In eCommerce, one of the main insights regarding online shopping is that the consumer's ability to actually buy is highly influenced by the amount of product related content in the site. The main effective content items are product detailed information and related articles and reviews. Consider a consumer that wants to buy a shirt. Without giving the information of available colors and sizes, the likelihood of the actual transaction is very low. If the consumer decides to 'click' the ad and then find that the required color is out of stock, it will hurt the user experience, the brand and the likelihood that the consumer will try to shop again in this site."

Kristina: "Which types of content - product reviews/information, newsy items, video, etc. - seem to engage consumers the most?"

Amir: "Based on the information we have, product reviews - either written or preferably in videos and detailed product information influence the most. The detailed information also enables [websites] to provide accurate product search which has a lot of influence on user buying. A woman searching for a shirt, can't just view thousands of shirts, but will want to filter by color and size. If these items aren't delivered to the site from the online shop, the filtering won't be possible. The more fields they can filter by, the more they get engaged."

Kristina: "How does the ForNova website work?"

Amir: "ForNova's platform provides the core aggregation engine for price comparison websites, eCommerce portals and affiliate networks providing them with rich, fully updated product catalogs. Our platform offers:

• Automatic scan engines that create product databases from the merchant site without the need to create a special feed or to develop specific site adaptations
• Full transparency to merchant site design or layout changes
• Sophisticated semantic engines capable of identifying detailed information fields for any product category
• Category and sub-category normalization system
• Ability to add hundreds of merchant sites within a short period (days)

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