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BizReport : December 16, 2010 Archive

December 16, 2010 Archive

Mobile Marketing | December 16, 2010

mCommerce: British retailers need to pull their socks up

Well, I'll be darned. It's really hard to buy a pair of socks from your mobile in the U.K., according to new research from Mobile Interactive Group. >>

Ecommerce | December 16, 2010

Survey answers who's spending, who's not this Christmas

This holiday season it seems as if everyone is spending, but a new survey from MocoSpace and Briabe Media sheds more focused light on who, exactly, is spending and how they're doing it. Turns out, the over 30 crowd are spending less this holiday season as the under-30s spend a little bit more. And both groups, are using mobile to help them along the holiday path. >>

Internet | December 16, 2010

How good is your online reputation?

Controlling your personal or professional online reputation can take a lot of work, but if the findings of a new survey are to be believed, it's worth the effort. >>

Advertising | December 16, 2010

Study: 33% of men would trade personal info for relevant ads

Advertisers across the globe know that targeting ads to consumers results in higher clicks and conversions. The problem is that too much targeting is seen as intrusive by most consumers and privacy watchdog groups. A new survey from Burst Media indicates that some consumers may be willing to part with a little privacy to get more targeted, relevant ads. >>

Mobile Marketing | December 16, 2010

Mobile-only Internet users a growing audience

More and more people are accessing the Internet only from their mobile devices, particularly users in emerging markets, found a recent study by On Device Research. >>

Mobile Marketing | December 16, 2010

IdentityMine: What to expect from mobile, apps in 2011

As 2011 speeds toward us, many are wondering what will happen in the mobile arena - from apps to actual devices because these pieces of equipment are becoming standard for many workers and students. In 2011, smartphones and other mobile devices will make it into the hands to seniors, mom-bloggers and general shoppers so being prepared is very important. >>