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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : November 03, 2010

Two ecommerce releases help etailers better engage

As retailers brace for big crowds of shoppers, online marketers are looking for ways to better target consumers who are in-market for specific products. Two new releases, one from Rocket Fuel and another from TrialPay may help brands interact, engage and convert shoppers at higher rates.

by Kristina Knight

First, Rocket Fuel's Holiday Shopping Booster, said to connect brands with in-market consumers based on shopping trends. The platform works by first finding browsers and separating them from buying consumers based on shopping behaviors. From there, the platform gives brands the ability to retarget ads based on in-market signs, geography, 'look-alike' targeting and brand conquesting.

"The holidays represent a unique time for marketers where the rules of the game, and the actions that go with it, change. Trends change every year and marketers need to figure out what works, before their competitors swoop in to steal potential customers," said Richard Frankel, Rocket Fuel President. "Companies cannot rely on typical everyday marketing initiatives to identify and monetize holiday audiences."

Now for TrialPay's release, an upgraded checkout system. The solution increases engagement and in beta testing has shown 10% to 15% increases in conversion rates.

The new checkout helps merchants to:

• Create customized headers to increase branding efforts
• Include animated video content about how TrialPay works
• Integrate social buying applications so the consumer can 'join' likeminded shoppers
• Highlight offer categories, making it simpler for consumers to try before they buy

How important might the holiday shopping season be? According to a recent eMarketer report Q4 2010 is expected to see online shopping totals over $50 billion, a 13% increase over Q3 numbers. And, as a bit more insight into the 2010 holidays, Hitwise has updated their fast moving search terms listing. For the week ending October 16th, Dizzy Gillespie and Widescreen LCD televisions were ranked at the top; 70s music, android phones and car stereo keywords also ranked in the top 10.

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