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BizReport : November 24, 2010 Archive

November 24, 2010 Archive

Social Marketing | November 24, 2010

Social media increases in importance for SMBs

Small businesses are embracing social media, but don't see it as a replacement for traditional marketing activity. Instead, found a recent Constant Contact survey, they are using it to complement existing channels. >>

Ecommerce | November 24, 2010

Sensor test reveals which shipping company has gentlest touch

Ever wondered if the shipping company you use has kid gloves or butter fingers? A recent test, using sensor technology to measure the ups and downs of a package's passage, gives a little insight into some U.S. carriers. >>

Research | November 24, 2010

Will Wi-Fi chips change radio listening and advertising?

A new report from In-Stat indicates that the market for Wi-Fi chips will surpass $100 million by 2015. By 2012 researchers predict that Wi-Fi chipsets shipped will reach at least one billion units per year with the biggest revenue potential in mobile Internet devices, auto applications, E-Readers and DVD/Blu-Ray players. >>

Blogs & Content | November 24, 2010

5min Media launch accesses engaged consumers through video

A new video offering should help brands reach more consumers through video. This week 5min Media launched their Celebrity News Channel, a short form video offering utilizing content from partners such as Sugar, TalkHollywood, Meredith TV and Splash News. The offering is focused on celebrity news and gossip, a category with a rapidly growing fan base. >>

Social Marketing | November 24, 2010

Shoutlet releases Facebook ecomm tool

In the grand scheme of things, having a social presence is a huge deal, but businesses also need to manage their social presence. That is where Shoutlet comes in, and with another new tool, called Shop & Share, they are positioning themselves as a social media management leader. The new tool gives brands the ability to create a digital storefront directly in Facebook. >>

Social Marketing | November 24, 2010

Time spent shopping online increases, face-to-face time decreases

Americans are spending more time researching purchases and shopping online, according to Harris Poll findings, and many are feeling the social consequences of life in front of a monitor. >>