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BizReport : Research archives : October 13, 2010

Scarborough: E-Reading consumers reading online and print

If you think e-reader households are reading solely on their digital devices, think again. While many of these consumers are reading the bulk of their content through online devices, many are still reading print editions of newspapers according to a new report from Scarborough Research.

by Kristina Knight

Which consumers are using these e-devices? Men and women over age 25 who are married, with children in the household. Researchers estimate that at least nine million US adults have or are planning to buy an e-reading device and that 78% of these consumers are reading newspapers in print and online editions (past week). Comparatively speaking, only 71% of non-e-reading consumers read both print and online editions of newspapers.

"[The data] confirms the emergence of E-reader devices as an important technology for millions of Americans [and] a natural companion to newspapers," said Gary Meo, Senior Vice President of Digital Media And Newspaper Services for Scarborough Research.

The report further found:

• In the last month 41% of e-reading consumers visited a newspaper website
• 27% of non-e-reading consumers did the same
• 71% of e-reading adults read a daily or Sunday newspaper (past week)
• 65% of non-e-reading adults read a daily/Sunday edition (past week)
• 41% of e-readers also visited a broadcast television website
• 18% of e-readers visited a radio station website
• E-reading consumers are 125% more likely to have watched/downloaded a movie online

"E‐readers initially were designed to make the printed word available on a handheld digital device. But with the introduction of the iPad, plus functionality being added to other devices on the market, the ereader phenomena has gone beyond the printed word to be a key portal for all types of mobile content," said Meo. "As these devices continue to grow in popularity, content providers will need to develop strategies and apps that help their brands connect with the emerging e‐reader audience."

E-reading adults are also spending much more time online than non-e-reading adults, they are twice as likely to blog or listen to podcasts, to use auction sites or to take college courses online. These adults are also among the highest online spenders. They spend at least $2,500 each year of miscellaneous online items including books, computer hardware, electronics and events tickets.

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