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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : October 27, 2010

Coupon users rich, social, and environmentally aware

The image of a coupon user has changed a lot thanks to the digital revolution. No longer are they portrayed as penny-pinching old ladies rummaging through wads of paper slips at the supermarket checkout. Nowadays coupon users are flashing their iPhones and cashing-in online.

by Helen Leggatt

If you think that low-income households are the most likely to be online coupon users, you are wrong. A poll for (conducted by MyType) found more coupon lovers among households with incomes in excess of $100,000 per year - about twice as many as in low-income households (less than $50,000 per year).

It's not just the rich who are turning to digital discounts. Those who identified themselves as social and outgoing were 47% more likely to use online coupons as were the environmentally aware (37% more likely) and the college-educated (78% more likely).

So why are those with more money and happier dispositions making more use of online coupons tha those who really need to keep an eye on budgets?

The poll turned up some interesting insights in to how personality might affect online coupon use.

Those who identified themselves as insecure or temperamental were more likely to abstain from online coupon use. Insecure men from low-income households were 130% more likely to avoid online coupon use.

Perhaps pride has a role to play in online coupon use, albeit a less overt activity than handing over clipped coupons in a supermarket. Or, is it lethargy brought about by constantly battling finances? Either way, it appears to go against the grain that those who really need to save aren't doing so.

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