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BizReport : Advertising archives : September 24, 2010

How to get more from retargeted ads

In the retargeting space there is a lot of talk. Some say retargeted ads are hugely profitable, some say retargeting ads is a waste of time. The truth, as with most things, is somewhere in the middle. Retargeted ads do work, but the message and timing need to be right. Magnetic's Josh Shatkin-Margolis is here to tell us what retargeted ads need to succeed.

by Kristina Knight

magnetic.pngFirst off, what is Magnetic? A retargeted ad firm focusing on sponsored retargeting. Magnetic utilizes high conversion search engine marketing ads to make retargeting simple for marketers and to make it easier for consumers to find specific products.

"We sell data to entities ... giving them information to help retarget branded ads to consumers to help increase conversion rates. Our goal is to bring the power of search data to all entities in online advertising," said Josh Shatkin-Margolis, Magnetic's CEO. "We go directly to brands such as Geico and we find the consumers who are searching for Geico information or insurance information to help retarget ads to those consumers."

Why target information from the search realm in a retargeting campaign? Because of the information available from the space. Research has shown that consumers who search for certain types of branded and un-branded keywords are in-market. Finding those consumers at the right time is the key for conversion.

"Targeting ads off of search data makes retargeting even more unique. If a brand retargets an ad, it has to be relevant. You have to target a credit score product to a consumer who is looking at buying a car or a home," said Shatkin-Margolis. "[Brands can also] target associated products. A gaming brand, for example, could retarget gaming accessory ads to consumers who have shown interest in a game release."

Other tips: Shatkin-Margolis suggests combining simple retargeted search ads with video to show the differences between Branded Product A and Branded Product B. This will help brands engage consumers sooner in the conversion funnel so that the chances of conversion are better.

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