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BizReport : Advertising archives : September 20, 2010

Dynamic Logic: Call-to-Action isn't connecting

Your marketing department may spend weeks creating a fun, succinct and -hopefully- impactful call to action for that next campaign. But, according to a recent report from WPP's Dynamic Logic, it may amount to very little in conversions. Why? Because consumers aren't connecting with call-to-action ads as they have in the past.

by Kristina Knight

Recently Dynamic Logic released their Beyond the Click report series, which indicates that call-to-action ads have little effect on the performance of a brand.

According to researchers, call-to-action ads need to include more than a simple 'click here to buy/download/get more information'. In addition to the call, brands need to know that the consumer is in-market, so targeting is key.

"Typically, in order for a consumer to consider searching for a nearby location or downloading a coupon, he or she is already in-market or at least somewhat receptive to the brand or product category," was written in the report. "Consider using awareness building prompts for more wide-reaching placements such as portals and ad networks, while delivering ads with offers and search options on content sites that may be reaching a more targeting audience."

Is a simple call-to-action ever high-performing? In very specific circumstances according to the report. Researchers found that when the action is the primary objective - for example, calling a consumer to click to learn more about a new product - this type of ad may achieve the campaign goals. But, if the goal of a campaign is to do more than increase traffic or clicks brands need to try different ad types. For example, if the campaign objective is to increase brand recall, a call to action ad is likely to have little impact.

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