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BizReport : Email Marketing : August 30, 2010

Top 3 ways to build your email list

In the email realm, list building is a huge time commitment. Each month marketers need to cull lists, add more consumers and take care of existing list members. The problem? Most small businesses don't have four or five hours each day or week to spend on list maintenance and so it falls to the wayside.

by Kristina Knight

The thing is, list maintenance doesn't have to be hard. For the next two days we'll focus on two areas of email marketing that will make your life simple. Today: list building. Melanie Attia, product marketing manager with Campaigner says adding new list members can be as simple as one, two, three. Here are her top three ways to build email lists.

First, take advantage of the marketing programs you've already got in place.

"No one can opt in if they don't know you have valuable information to share," said Attia, "so don't forget to including a line in your email that links to the sign up page on your website. Bring a computer to tradeshows and ask visitors to your booth to sign up for the mailing list. Keep sign up cards at your in-store registers and refer listeners to your website in your radio ads."

And one more tip: backlink to your website from listings on partner or affiliate sites so consumers land at the right place.

Second, make opting in simple. Make the opt-in or sign up link visible, allow the user to sign up with their name and email address; the other personal information can come later. "Signing up should take as little time as possible, so don't ask for too much information at this point," advises Attia. While you're at the 'make it simple' phase, also make it simple for consumers to share emails with friends through social networks or by forwarding the email to friends.

Finally, know your audience. Once a consumer has opted in, then should come the personal information (see #2). In survey form, ask what their interests are, what business they work for or what industry they are in. Segment your list based on their responses. By segmenting the list you can then offer compelling deals to list members, increasing their interaction rate and decreasing their 'instant delete' rate.

"Your readers are not opting in because they want to hear a sales pitch," said Attia. "They have a need - to save time, money or effort and to increase productivity and success. Your message much be compelling enough to convince people to sign up, valuable enough to keep them wanting more and useful enough to pass along."

Coming up tomorrow, three things you should never include in a marketing email.

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  • I think in addition to considering these tips, using Aweber or any other similar service can help us to make our email list better.



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