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BizReport : Email Marketing : August 31, 2010

Top 3 things to never include in your email messages

Small business owners have very little free time, so most want to streamline. The thing is, too much streamlining can be...well, too much. If you're offering gifts for email list sign-ups, if you're sending too many emails or if you're offering the moon to subscribers chances are you're too streamlined and offering the wrong things.

by Kristina Knight

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But consumers are responding? Maybe. But is the offer-them-everything campaign really costing you money? Chances are, yes. Here are three tips from Campaigner's Melanie Attia to help you really streamline your email message.

First, don't be everything to everyone. Yes, your list members have needs. But your message cannot fully address each and every need or it will be so filled with words that there will be no place for the consumer to respond.

"Don't be afraid to address audience's needs one at a time," says Attia, product marketing manager for Campaigner. "Hit the crucial [needs] first and save the rest for later to keep [consumers] on your list and wanting more. If you're too generic, in hopes of getting more people to opt in, you'll end up being 'nothing to everyone.'"

Second, don't offer sign up prizes. But this is a good strategy? Yes and no. If you offer prizes, you'll get subscribers who want something free. By offering a deal - a free seminar, free newsletter, etc. - rather than a prize you'll receive sign ups who are interested in your products.

"An opt in list is a valuable asset - and that means an investment on your part to build and maintain it," said Attia. "But, budget appropriately ahead of time, find the most cost effective ways for reaching your audience and know how much each name will cost. Keep in mind potential revenue, and lifetime value of each customer, and choose accordingly."

Third, don't send too many emails. Once a consumer is signed up, they need a welcome email. The message should be short and include information about their sign up and how often you'll email. Stick to that emailing routine so that the consumer doesn't get frustrated by receiving fifteen emails in one week and none for a month.

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