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BizReport : Email Marketing : August 09, 2010

Is your email campaign tablet ready?

Apple's iPad may have been the biggest, at least so far, but more tablets are headed into consumers' hands and that means marketers need to be ready. All advertisers have had to make adjustments to smart-devices, whether rich media, video or email. But email marketers may have the biggest adjustments. Here are three tips to ensure your email campaigns are tablet ready.

by Kristina Knight

econsultancy.gifEmail marketing isn't new, but there have been many changes over the past twelve months. Increased rich media and video, for starters, and now the tablet world. While tablets won't change the email message, tablet computers will change how consumers interact with your ads. Is your campaign ready? Here are three tips to help ensure it is.

First, check the language in which your landing pages are written. The Apple iPad, for example, doesn't support Flash. If your landing pages are Flash based, consumers using iPad's won't be able to view them. Instead, use HTML5 or another language which is supported by the device.

Second, check your buttons. "Email marketers need to think about how they will tailor emails for iPad users. Since it is a touch screen device, placement and size of links and call to action buttons need to be large enough for users to select," writes Graham Charlton, eConsultancy. On the subject of buttons, don't forget social sharing options. Include buttons for Facebook, Twitter and other networks within the email so that the consumer can immediately share information with socnet contacts.

Third, think creative. Although emails will still be delivered in traditional email windows, the overall screen size is larger. So include video, images and other rich media options to engage the consumer with the ad.

Who are tablet, specifically iPad, consumers? According to a NielsenWire report iPad consumers are between ages 25 and 55 (70%) with annual household incomes of $100,000 or more (35%).

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  • Thanks for your useful advice!!

    I will try your suggestion in our Comm100 Newsletter to improve the email quality and retain a good relation with the customers. Hope it will help.

  • Darek

    If you're talking email, then Flash and Javascript are out - and if you've been coding your email comms the correct way from the start, the device shouldn't make much difference. In fact, email clients on these newer devices are much more accomodating. So if you're putting together great, readable email ads that perform well on older desktop clients like outlook and hotmail, they'll do even better on these newer devices (assuming you're adhering to good practicing in UI design).

    The more important thing to think about is how users of these new mobile devices rely less on email. They're a smarter, more informed audience - and email is about the lowest form of communication for this growing tech-savvy market.

  • Peter

    This is inconsistent. Are we talking email or ad?

    One minute it is saying don't use Flash, the next it is suggesting you use video to engage the consumer with the ad. What ad?



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