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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : August 04, 2010

3 Tips to make your CMS SEO friendly

Content management systems (CMS) are beautiful things. They allow you to create and control online content with the click of a few buttons, but there can be a downside. Not all CMS platforms are friendly to your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Here are three tips from Marketing Sherpa that will help you create a friendly bond between the CMS and SEO portions of your advertising.

by Kristina Knight

Step 1: Get creative involved, ">writes Marketing Sherpa. Rather than leaving the installation of a new or upgraded CMS platform to your IT team, keep the creative side involved throughout the install. Creative types will think about natural and organic search listings, for example, while IT will be thinking primarily of getting in and getting done. While you're choosing the system, get those creative types together to figure out system prompts and the like. Making it simple to describe photo uploads with SEO keywords, for example, will increase listings where non-keyworded photo descriptions will not.

Step 2: Have a laundry list. That laundry list should include things you want the CMS to do (controlled elements, contributor access, automated elements, content placement) and things you will have to tell it to do (archive content, keep past links, access and content creation). When you know what you want from a CMS going in, it will be easier to find that system which makes it easy to create, distribute and follow up on content.

Step 3: CMS is about implementation not selection. Choosing the CMS may be the most difficult part of the decision, but remember that implementing the system is actually more important. If you choose a CMS which is clunky, doesn't auto-generate information or which makes it difficult to upload fresh content you won't be happy. Neither will your contributors. So ask the vendor to deploy the CMS for testing by your team, test the system with sample content and then ask for references - references relevant to your business.

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  • Wordpress is a good CMS alternative. I found that other CMS scripts can be difficult and confusing to work with. Wordpress is user friendly. All you need is plugins to suit your needs.



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