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BizReport : August 13, 2010 Archive

August 13, 2010 Archive

Email Marketing | August 13, 2010

Return Path reunites emails with social network subscribers

When Friends Reunited took a closer look at their email deliverability, the social network discovered that many of their messages ended up in subscribers' spam folders or, worse still, disappeared into thin air. According to Return Path this scenario isn't unusual for social networks. >>

Mobile Marketing | August 13, 2010

App allows consumers to review in real time

Consumers talk. It is no secret, but the Internet has made it simpler for consumers to connect - with one another and with brands - through reviews. A new app may give brands a better handle on reviews by making consumer reviews available in real time. >>

Email Marketing | August 13, 2010

Report: Spam is personal once more

If you thought consumers could distinguish between your personalized, legitimate email messages and personalized spam messages, think again. While a lot of 'personalized' spam has a host of mis-spellings, the minds behind spam are figuring out of to use the social space to correctly personalize messages to consumers. >>

Blogs & Content | August 13, 2010

Twitter launches Tweet Button

First, Facebook's Like button spread like wildfire across the Internet - now the Tweet Button is set to alight on websites. >>

Advertising | August 13, 2010

Major online video properties show viewers respect

Some of the Internet's largest players are reported to be set to implement a new ad format that gives online video viewers a choice of which ad they would prefer to watch. >>