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BizReport : August 11, 2010 Archive

August 11, 2010 Archive

Research | August 11, 2010

iPad magazine says readers very responsive

Ever wondered how responsive iPad users are? An iPad-only magazine found their iPad audience very willing to participate in a survey and believe other marketers can take advantage of this. But surely the novelty will soon wear off? >>

Search Marketing | August 11, 2010

Only 16% of brand Tweets are conversational

Instead of conversing with their Followers brands on Twitter continue to only "push" news and promotions. Worse still, some are automating this task. But isn't that what most consumers want? >>

Ecommerce | August 11, 2010

comScore: Online retail sales increase for third consecutive quarter

New data from comScore shows that online retail sales in the U.S. rose for the third consecutive quarter climbing 9% to $32.9 billion. >>

Research | August 11, 2010

New TV series auditioning advertisers, not actors

It's a whole new brand of product placement, and an interesting opportunity for brand marketers. A new television series, aimed to launch in the replacement TV season of Spring 2011, is looking for something a little different. Rather than scouting for actors and actresses, the production crew is scouting for a few good. . .um, advertisers to 'star' in the show. Why advertisers? Because the NASCAR-inspired series, whether fictional or in real life, is all about advertisers. >>

Ecommerce | August 11, 2010

Back to school still heating up search engines

Are you keying in on the right search terms for back to school shopping? New data from Experian Hitwise sheds light on which back to school terms are hot this year, a big benefit for etailers because there is still time to tweak those campaigns through September. >>

Research | August 11, 2010

How to use special events in your marketing

List-building is never a simple thing. Ask any marketer, publisher or brand and they'll tell you that building a list is one of the most difficult tasks they face. But new research from Marketing Sherpa shows that list building, while still hard, may be made simpler by hosting a special event. >>