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BizReport : August 4, 2010 Archive

August 4, 2010 Archive

Ecommerce | August 04, 2010

Women, particularly moms, are shopping online from work

Even being at work can't stop women from shopping. According to new research from AOL Advertising with OTX, plenty of women manage to slip in a bit of retail therapy while sat at their desk, particularly on Fridays. >>

Advertising | August 04, 2010

New Facebook ads may display friend reviews, ratings

The folks over at AllFacebook have unearthed some interesting developments afoot in the Facebook advertising camp. A trial is currently underway of ads on Facebook that include the name of a friend who has reviewed the advertiser along with their review and a star rating. >>

Research | August 04, 2010

How public perception impacts brand

When it comes to public perception, the Internet has had a huge impact for celebrities, athletes - and the branding of celebrities and athletes. New research surrounding the Miami Heat's acquisition of LeBron James and Chris Bosh shows just how the Internet can change things. >>

Blogs & Content | August 04, 2010

3 Tips to make your CMS SEO friendly

Content management systems (CMS) are beautiful things. They allow you to create and control online content with the click of a few buttons, but there can be a downside. Not all CMS platforms are friendly to your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Here are three tips from Marketing Sherpa that will help you create a friendly bond between the CMS and SEO portions of your advertising. >>

Viral Marketing | August 04, 2010

How a video hosting service can improve your vid-reach

Video is a strange and mysterious - although coveted - beast for most online marketers. Many want video, but they aren't certain how to create, host and distribute quality video content without other advertising areas suffering. Although a video hosting service doesn't help with the concept of a video clip, it can help with the hosting and distribution, leaving marketers to focus on the all-important content. >>