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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : July 19, 2010

Sysomos defines the Blogger Generation

If you're looking for a bit of blog credibility or are simply wondering how to attract the blogging demographic, there is new information defining the blogger generation that could be helpful. Knowing who to target, who to hire to blog about products and who is most likely to read a blog are key to engaging the demo. According to a recent analysis from Sysomos the most active bloggers are most likely to be women (50.9% to 49.1%) and younger (between ages 21 and 25). This is good as most brands and marketers want to engage this large, female demographic.

by Kristina Knight

sysomos.jpgWhy are younger women more likely to blog than older women or men, for that matter? Sysomos notes that the female to male ratio is only separated by about 1%, so brands will likely engage a large group of men. The younger question is also simply answered: because they've grown up blogging.

Blogging became 'hot' in 2003; prior to that some people had online journals, but it hadn't gone viral. So, the girls who were 13 or 14 years old had a new outlet to chat with friends or meet new people. As they've 'grown up', these girls have continued to blog into woman-hood.

Only about 20% of bloggers are under age 20 at this point, 53% are between ages 21 and 35 and just over 19% are between 26 and 50 years of age.

What is perhaps most interesting is that the bulk of female bloggers are located in the US (29.2%), the UK(6.75%) or in Japan (4.9%). That isn't to say that women around the world aren't blogging, they are simply blogging in much fewer numbers. Likely because high-speed internet connections and free blogging platforms were not readily available in their countries when they were young enough to form a blogging habit.

Interestingly enough, women around the world are also now Twittering. The Sysomos report found that about half of US women tweet regularly, with the rest of the world dividing up the other half of the Twitter pie.

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