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BizReport : July 29, 2010 Archive

July 29, 2010 Archive

Ecommerce | July 29, 2010

Family and friend recommendations no longer enough

Despite only 2% of consumers saying they would put trust in strangers the vast majority would double-check a friend or relative's product or service recommendation against the online opinions of, ironically, strangers. >>

Social Marketing | July 29, 2010

Sweet smell of success for Old Spice video campaign

The Old Spice viral video campaign has been a rip-roaring success. Initial reports gave the impression that the Old Spice Guy had racked up a lot of eyeballs but not much revenue, however recent data, which include figures from the viral campaign's final thrust, show that Isaiah Mustafa pulled in the cash, too. >>

Search Marketing | July 29, 2010

Investment in site search increasing

Hot on the heels of a study suggesting site search plays a major role in online shopping research comes a report from Econsultancy that shows companies across the globe are increasing their investment in site search. >>

Viral Marketing | July 29, 2010

BBE's VINDICO accredited by MRC

BBE's VINDICO is the first demand-side video ad server to be accredited by the Media Rating Council, which is one more sign that online video and video advertising is quickly becoming mainstream. VINDICO was the first ad serving and tracking platform for online video. To become MRC accredited, the company went through rigorous testing to ensure that their performance, auditing, metrics and tracking capabilities met MRC standards. >>

Advertising | July 29, 2010

Survey: July, September big influencers for back to school spend

School may start, at least for most American students, in August, but a new report from PointRoll and ShopLocal finds that July and also September are big influencers on back to school shopping. Many retailers focus on August for the back to school rush, but according to this study they should focus on the entire three month window. >>

Social Marketing | July 29, 2010

Socnets pulling in more women than men

When it comes to social networks women are once more proving they are just more social. According to new research from comScore women are more active in the social space than men. Researchers found that social networks, on a global scale, reach about 75% of women compared with 69% of men. >>