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BizReport : July 23, 2010 Archive

July 23, 2010 Archive

Ecommerce | July 23, 2010

How long until your Christmas campaigns kick in?

Hands up all those who have started marketing for the upcoming festive season. Yes, I know it's early, but apparently some retailers have already acknowledged the upcoming holiday season in their email communications with customers. >>

Mobile Marketing | July 23, 2010

Amazon boasts over $1 billion in sales via mobile

Recent reports have suggested some marketers aren't optimizing their online offerings for mobile users. In fact, it appears some marketers just don't see the importance of mobile device optimization. Perhaps a recent announcement from Amazon will demonstrate jut how much business can be done via mobile. >>

Research | July 23, 2010

Want more conversions? Focus on customer service

There is a saying going around between consumers that marketers need to not only be aware of, but crushing. Listen in on social conversations or just set up 'listening posts' in brick-and-mortar stores and you'll likely hear, 'Customer service is dead', more than once. That is a big problem for brands, especially in a tight economy. How big a problem? >>

Research | July 23, 2010

Reports: Click fraud, captcha breakers threatening brands

There is no rest for the wicked in the online space. New research from Click Forensics and MessageLabs finds that fraudsters continue to work overtime to obtain consumers' private information from both paid search and email advertisers. >>

Advertising | July 23, 2010

Study: For auto, mobile banners top standard

Mobile may be the new black for automotive advertisers. According to a recent MediaMind study mobile banner ads outperformed standard and polite banners; conversion rates were also greater with mobile than with more traditional online formats. Researchers also found that for the 2009 year, auto impressions were higher, even though actual sales were down as consumers waited out the recession; this trend is expected to continue through 2010. >>