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BizReport : July 22, 2010 Archive

July 22, 2010 Archive

Ecommerce | July 22, 2010

Women love to shop, even for virtual goods

We all know women love to shop but did you know that female online gamers also go on spending sprees - for virtual goods? According to a new survey from market research firm VGMarket and virtual currency company PlaySpan, female online game players spend more on virtual goods than their male counterparts. >>

Ecommerce | July 22, 2010

Wildfire launches social ecommerce app

Want to make your branded social pages even more influential? A new purchasing app from social marketing brand Wildfire could be the answer. The app allows marketers to create and place buying widgets on their fan pages to engage consumers. >>

Social Marketing | July 22, 2010

eROI: Half of marketers spend less than 5 hours with socnets

Online marketing today is much more than purchasing a few keywords and hoping consumers find you. The most successful marketers are integrating different ad formats and platforms into their campaign with a singular message. The problem? Many aren't focusing on the right areas. >>

Advertising | July 22, 2010

Rocket Fuel Inc. taps BlueKai for optimized data

Thanks to intent data from online firm BlueKai, Rocket Fuel Inc. marketers were able to lower cost per action metrics by nearly 44%. Rocket Fuel Inc. used the information provided by BlueKai to fine-tune marketer campaigns according to marketers' core metrics, using real time information in the process. >>

Social Marketing | July 22, 2010

Where are Facebook deserters going? Not MySpace.

With all the talk of Facebook being deserted by users frustrated with privacy concerns or because their parents are now lurking on the social networks wings, where are they all going? It's certainly not Facebook's rival, MySpace, according to new comScore data. >>

Mobile Marketing | July 22, 2010

eROI: Marketers place little importance on consumers' mobile experience

With over 285 million mobile phones in the U.S., and more than 70 million smartphones, you would think that marketers were ensuring their email and online offerings were maximized for such devices. Think again. >>