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BizReport : July 19, 2010 Archive

July 19, 2010 Archive

Email Marketing | July 19, 2010

MailerMailer: List fatigue affecting email click and open rates

Open rates are down, unique click rates are down, but that doesn't stop MailerMailer from being excited about their recent report on email marketing metrics. >>

Social Marketing | July 19, 2010

Facebook celebrates users as half billion milestone announced

The Internet is buzzing with reports that Facebook will, later this week, announce they have reached a major milestone - half a billion users. To coincide with the achievement Facebook is set to unveil a new marketing campaign called "Facebook Stories". >>

Social Marketing | July 19, 2010

In China the Internet can make, or break, brands

According to OgilvyOne the era of consuming is over. The future is all about sharing. Nowhere is this more apparent than in China, according to OgilvyOne Connected, a report on how Chinese consumers are using social media. >>

Mobile Marketing | July 19, 2010

Buick spots 35% increased purchase intent from immersion ads

While much advertiser attention has been focused on Apple's new iAd, a similar release from Greystripe is also showing great promise for branded advertisers. The recently released Immersion Ad units give marketers the ability to use several different types of ads and creative platforms to engage consumers. >>

Advertising | July 19, 2010

comScore: Hulu has more ad views than YouTube

YouTube may still hold the title for Most Viewed Clips, but for advertisers the smart money may lie in Hulu's platform. Why? Because according to the latest numbers from comScore, Hulu's platform has more than double the ad-views as YouTube. Even more impressive: Hulu's total audience is only about one-fifth the size of YouTube's vast audience. >>

Blogs & Content | July 19, 2010

Sysomos defines the Blogger Generation

If you're looking for a bit of blog credibility or are simply wondering how to attract the blogging demographic, there is new information defining the blogger generation that could be helpful. Knowing who to target, who to hire to blog about products and who is most likely to read a blog are key to engaging the demo. According to a recent analysis from Sysomos the most active bloggers are most likely to be women (50.9% to 49.1%) and younger (between ages 21 and 25). This is good as most brands and marketers want to engage this large, female demographic. >>