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BizReport : July 5, 2010 Archive

July 5, 2010 Archive

Blogs & Content | July 05, 2010

Consumers consider paid, sponsored bloggers less trustworthy

Is content by paid or sponsored bloggers seen as any more or less trustworthy than that provided via "earned" media? Apparently so. But this won't stop the growth of social media sponsorship. >>

Ecommerce | July 05, 2010

Royal Mail: The multi-billion cost of abandoned shopping carts

Billions of dollars in online sales were lost to shopping cart abandonment last year. Britain's Royal Mail has developed a free website analysis tool which they claim will enable online retailers to cut cart abandonment and improve the customer buying experience. >>

Advertising | July 05, 2010

Few Facebook users notice ads on News Feed

A new study from online marketing consultants Mulley Communications and the National College of Ireland found that the majority of Facebook users look at ads on their profile page but few looked at ads on their News Feeds. >>

Social Marketing | July 05, 2010

Ketchum, myYearbook define teen influencers

When it comes to the youth marketplace, many marketers are turning to social networks to keep teens engaged. A new study indicates that this is the right strategy to take because, contrary to popular thought, the teens most likely to influence branded purchases are highly social - both online and offline. >>

Ecommerce | July 05, 2010

Nielsen: Internet's impact of shopping unparalleled

It may seem as if the Internet has changed everything about the world we live in, but some areas have seen more impact than others. Communication, for one, but according to a new report from NielsenWire the area most impacted by the Internet is commerce. Shopping, in other words. >>

Advertising | July 05, 2010

comScore: 40% of display ad impressions are rich

They aren't your grandfather's display ads any longer. A new report from comScore shows that 40% of US online display ad impressions are now served via rich media and flash. Leaderboards, JPG displays are leading the overall category. For marketers this is a good sign because rich advertising types allow for more creativity and interaction, two areas proven to lead to longer engagement times. >>