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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : June 08, 2010

Sysomos reveals blogger demographics

By analyzing over 100 million blog posts social media monitoring and analytics firm Sysomos created a picture of what today's blogger looks like. The results are largely unsurprising.

by Helen Leggatt

sysomos logo.jpgThe blogosphere is made up of hundreds of millions of blogs written and run by people all over the world. Blogs cover a plethora of topics from the mundane to the extraordinary and have become an integral component of online media and content.

More than a decade after the first blogs were popularized by the likes of Scripting News' Dave Winer, who are today's bloggers?

According to the recent survey by Sysomos the blogging world is dominated by young Americans.

Bloggers in the U.S. make up the largest group (29.2%) followed by the U.K. (6.7%) and Japan (4.8%).

Meanwhile 21-35 year olds make up the largest age group. This group is followed by 20 year olds and under (20.2%), 36-50 year olds (19.4%), and 51 years and over (7.1%).

When it comes to gender, women do have a very slight edge but the split is relatively equal between male (49.1%) and female (50.9%). The proliferation and popularity of mommy blogs, in particular, have done much to involve women in the blogosphere.

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  • I was surprised to see that women and men are almost equal in blogging. We always hear how women are better and more active communicators than men are in the emotional realm and yet men are blogging away.

    I guess they prefer writing as their outlet. I wonder how blogging has affected the younger generation. I would think that they are much more comfortable with their feelings than previous generations who never blogged.

    Would like to see what happens in the future and how constant blogging affects relationships. Expressing your intimate feelings about everything and anything in your personal life, all day long, must have a liberating effect on oneself.



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