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BizReport : Research archives : June 10, 2010

Study: Marketers can lengthen video ads

The theory that video ads must be 15 seconds or less may be flawed. According to a recent TubeMogul study, longer ads are more engaging for consumers, at least for stand-alone ads. Stand-alone video ads are usually a complete branded video or an in-banner ad rather than a pre-roll 'sponsorship' of a particular video clip.

by Kristina Knight

For pre-roll ads, the study finds that shorter is better, but for stand-alone clips, researchers found that ads between 30 seconds and 1:30 actually perform better.

Tube Mogul, a video advertising and analytics platform, compared a variety of ads to come to their conclusions. According to their research stand-alone ads were completed 32% more often when coming in between 30 seconds and 1:30. Ads longer than the 1:30 mark were only completed 23% of the time and ads shorter than 30 seconds were completed only 17% of the time.

"What people seem to be saying is: 'we don't like 15-second TV-style spots or longer branded content, but rather short, interesting viral clips," said David Burch, TubeMogul communications director (via MediaPost).

In a related study, TubeMogul and Dynamic Logic found that repurposed television ads used online showed a slight favorability (4.7 versus 4.3) for ad awareness, but for brand favorability (1.2 versus 1.6) and purchase intent/consideration (0.8 versus 1.4) spots made for the Internet scored higher. So, while it may be cheaper to repurpose ads originally made for television, ads created specifically for an online audience seem to fare better in the longer run.

For their part, consumers do seem to remain engaged with online video content for longer time periods each month. For the month of April, comScore reports that nearly 180 million US consumers watched 171 online video clips, the bulk served through YouTube, but with sites such as Hulu gaining ground quickly. The average clip length was just over 4 minutes.

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