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BizReport : Advertising archives : June 14, 2010

Study: B2Bers aren't naturally social. Does it matter?

Marketers have quickly discovered how important social networks are for engaging consumers, but when it comes to engaging other businesses many may be missing the boat. Why? Because less than half of B2B marketers are engaging with social platforms on a daily basis, and as research from the consumer standpoint has shown consumers are engaging with social sites.

by Kristina Knight

Study researchers found that:

• 86% of B2B marketers have social profiles
• Only one-third (32%) of B2B marketers act in social networks daily
• B2B marketers are most likely to use mediums such as podcasts
• 42% of B2B marketers believe social networks/media are 'irrelevant'

"Social media is fertile ground for B2B lead cultivation. B2B marketing trends to be relationship driven, and social media can be a natural facilitator for that approach," said Eric Anderson, White Horse vice president of marketing.

What should marketers be doing in the social space? Communicating, of course. The study found that most B2B marketers do have at least a profile on social sites such as Twitter and Facebook or a blog, the problem is these marketing avenues go largely unused because someone within the organization sees social as not effective enough.

But what is a business except a group of consumers working together. An office supplier, for example, wants to pass on the best savings to its client base - offices using paper, pens, desk calendars and the like. These offices may be lawyers, energy companies, temp services or even retailers. The offices' client bases are likely on social networks via personal profiles but also likely to have a business presence within sites like Facebook or Linked in to reach their consumer base. Why shouldn't the office supplier, then, be on social networks to meet with their client base and potentially hook up with other client bases?

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  • In my opinion,its not good to that the B2B marketers are not actually social but they have to be social in order to grow their business and that make them limited to communicate.



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