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BizReport : Search Marketing : June 18, 2010

Search engine gives brands unique information

When it comes to search most marketers are focused on keyword trends and search engine optimization. But there are other uses for search, primarily the ability to get real time information from local consumers. This is where Sency's search engine separates itself from other, more traditional engines.

by Kristina Knight

sency.bmpRather than simply allowing a consumer to search for a World Cup Soccer tee-shirt, for example, the engine aggregates and returns 'hot chatter' results which allow brands to see what consumers are talking about for specific cities. So, a brand can search keywords or information to see how consumers in Atlanta are reacting to an ad or how many Chicago consumers are interested in an upcoming event.

"Sency makes it easy for users to see what people are saying inside of major cities right now," said Evan Britton, Sency founder. "Real time results are key for brands, When McDonalds has a Super Bowl Ad it can take advantage of Sency to see reactions by people in regards to the commercial."

The platform analyzes geographically tagged Twitter data to determine cities hot spots and topics. There are two main areas of Sency data: Popular Places Now and Popular Places Lately. With each, users obtain information about which locations - nightclubs, restaurants, shopping zones - are getting the most social chatter. The "Now" results are real time and up to the minute; the "Lately" results are aggregated from a few days' worth of posts and can map results by address.

"The future of this industry will revolve around what people are saying inside of cities and at popular places," said Britton, in a company press release. "In addition, users will be interested in discovering which places inside a given city are hot right now based on location. . .check-ins and chatter."

As consumers become more mobile this type of information will become more important to marketers. Now that Google, Microsoft, Intel/Nokia and a host of others are beginning to battle Apple for the tablet/mobile market consumers will have more choices in their mobile devices. What that really means is that more consumers will go mobile. Having local reaction to an event or ad in real time can help marketers prepare, change and launch new events and campaigns in shorter time frames.

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  • The concept of Sency is fantastic. I just hope that it, or something like it, will make it to the UK (and obviously, other countries). To gain such insights at a localised level will be vitally important in the future.



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