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BizReport : Social Marketing : June 21, 2010

Report: Twitter followers value varies

They say you can't judge a book by its cover. That, apparently, is true of Twitter followers as well. A new report from social media analytics group Sysomos indicates that some Twitter followers have value, some don't and sometimes the a non-valuable follower can actually hold value.

by Kristina Knight

Confused yet? You aren't alone. As consumers try to figure out what work with Twitter, brands and advertisers are doing the same thing. This makes the Twitter platform a little hard to understand - and follow - at the best of times. Unlike a recent report on competing social network Facebook which indicates that the most valuable fans are those who 'like' a brand, it seems that the value of a Twitter follower depends on the day, hour or minute the follower is logged in.

Sysomos researchers looked at the followers for celebrities, businesses in the realm and media organizations and ranked the authority of the followers following the brands. What they found was the most followers of celebrities had 'low authority' - meaning they do not reach or influence many 'in the know' types. Meanwhile the followers of social media outlets were 'high authority' - meaning their potential reach and influence was large.

The problem? These influencers may not be the type of influence or reach that a brand truly needs. For instance, does a conservative brand need to connect with an influencer with reach into 'adult' categories? And should a brand trying to reach into the 'adult' industry avoid making connections with a vast number of consumers with virtually no influence over the consumer marketplace as a whole.

That, of course, depends on the needs of the brand. What is important to realize, from a marketing standpoint, is that as Twitter continues to develop there will be more worth tied into all influenced circles; at this point, it may be best to simple create a Twitter presence rather than trying to figure out how best to move that audience's other contacts.

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